15 Odd Theories From Your Favorite 90s Show That Will Leave You Thinking


There are a lot of people out there who try to find a “hidden meaning” in absolutely everything in life. However, in this particular situation, they are looking at some of our favorite cartoons from our childhood. What makes them worse is after pondering a few of them, we feel that they might actually be on to something. After you check them out let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Friends.

One person on Twitter (@strnks) believes that the whole show is a figment of Pheobe’s imagination and that she is actually homeless and addicted to drugs while looking in on the other ‘Friends’ and their lives all the while wishing she was one of them! Sad.

2. Recess.

The biggest fans of this show tend to believe that these kids are actually ghosts and that they were killed near the school playground. Now, they simply haunt the school.

3. The Simpsons.

We’ve all noticed that this clan does not age over the years. Well, according to the ‘Tesseract Theory’, the town of Springfield is trapped inside of a space-warping tesseract which stops time. It even makes it so that ‘the place’ can be in different locations.

4. Hey Arnold!

We all know that Helga is obsessed with Arnold. However, one theory suggests that the whole show is merely through Helga’s perspective in her attempts to deal with this obsession with Arnold.

5. Rugrats.

There is a theory that the babies on this show are actually dead and exist only in Angelica’s imagination. This supposedly explains why Tommy’s dad, Stu, constantly makes toys because he misses his boy.

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