What Major Fast Food Chains Looked Like in the 80s


Back in the 80s, all major fast food chains had a gimmick that kept the people and especially the kids wanting more. They were designed to create an experience that will last throughout your life so that whenever you thought of them, you had fond memories. These days, things have tamed down quite a bit and have even become boring. So, let’s take a look back to see what we remember most about our fast food back then because they had a lot more to offer than food. These were the commercials that brought you to their place to eat:

1. McDonald’s.

Happy meals were a great way to get kids loving their food. They had toys and came in a great carrying box that was filled with images and activities for us to enjoy.

2. Burger King.

Sometimes it was a great song that kept you remembering their food.

3. Wendy’s.

This was for those who wanted to eat something good for them. Instead of hamburger or fries, you could eat a fresh salad!

4. Sonic.

Using a celebrity to sell the food was another way remind people of where to go eat. Frankie Avalon convinces us to go to Sonic!

5. Taco Bell.

This was an upbeat commercial for this Mexican-style food that’s still cheap and popular.

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