Somone Turned a Real Glock Into the Gun From Nintendo’s ‘Duck Hunt’


First of all, this gun looks like a toy gun and not just any toy gun but the famous controller from Nintendo’s ‘Dunk Hunt’ game! For that reason, there are some serious hesitations that we might have with this creation. Second of all, this is pretty cool! In fact, what grown-up who grew up playing this game wouldn’t want one of these in real life?! It’s a pretty great way to both feel nostalgic about your past and then be able to use this gun for real.

However, clearly, there are some copyright infringement laws that have been broken here in order to create this functioning weapon that bears the name Nintendo on it.

This gun was first shown on a Facebook page by Precision Syndicate LLC, which is a machine prototyping company from Texas. Of course, you will have a whole group of people who will say this having a gun like this is absolutely out of the question. I can see their point but the kids who are going to recognize this design the most are all grown up now and their enthusiasm for this will probably be off the charts! The problem is if today’s kids are going to see this as a weapon or as a toy because this issue has always been when toy guns tend to look real.

However, the difference here is that this is a toy-looking gun that has been turned into a real weapon that can be used to kill! I have a feeling that if this sticks, this creation is going to be a real hit to those of us who grew up playing with this as a toy when we were kids. However, it will probably be laid to rest soon because of the resemblance and therefore, I wouldn’t pin your hopes on owning one anytime soon.

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