Remember Milli Vanilli? Here’s The Truth Of What Really Happened A Generation Later!


This musical duo was a hit in every sense of the word until we discovered that they were lip syncing all of their beloved songs that sold millions of records and became household names! This revelation obviously demolished their pop star status but it was even more devastating to their hard-core fans.

The main concern that the public had was that there was obviously a larger entity at work here who concocted a world that was aimed to deceive legions of fans for the sake of money. A.K.A.: The music business. Meanwhile, Milli Vanilli was turning out hit songs with corresponding videos on MTV and all the while, the music industry propagated and cashed in on this phoney success. When in fact, the real singers were less attractive and so the combination of great voices and great looks was a formula for success in the late 1980s and early 90s, winning Milli Vanilli three American Music Awards and the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

One of their hit songs, ‘Blame It on the Rain.’

That all changed when they were live in front of 80,000 fans and the track that they were lip synching to began to skip! “Girl you know it’s, Girl you know it’s . . .” with that, their rise to the top became a sudden and swift fall. The two artists, Rob and Fab fled the stage that night and that was the end of Milli Vanilli as we knew it. Thereafter, they became the butt of every joke and were mocked on T.V. Comedy skit shows like ‘In Living Color’. Needless to say, this was a moment of embarrassment that they were never going to live down.

Another great one we came to love.

Of course, they were duped by their founder and producer, Frank Farian, who led the boys to believe that all they had to do was lip sync for a little while and eventually they would have the opportunity to sing on their own, without the aid of a track. Unfortunately, that never happened and as the pressure mounted for them to continue this charade, so increased the size of the lie in order to maintain it. However, it was literally about to burst at any moment.

Only a hardcore fan would know this one…

Few of us can understand the amount of pressure that these two young men were under and the amount of money that they were offered (which was probably a fraction of what they actually made for the music industry) in order to maintain it. However, it is the audience who will be forever sceptical of the pop-music industry because it’s obvious that they don’t care about the music that they produce at all. Wake up, folks! It’s a money game!


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