Did You Grown Up In The 80s? If So, I Bet You Had These Tupperware In Your Kitchen


I have to admit that my mom probably had every single one of these pieces of Tupperware. I am happy she did because many of these came handy for a lot of different things!

I remember getting one of the big orange bowls and filling it up with Cap N’ Crunch on Saturday morning while watching cartoons. So I guess it would be safe to say that without Tupperware my childhood would not have been the same. Take a look below and see which ones you can remember.

1. These cups that had lids that also doubled as saucers.

These were really cool because the lid would serve as a saucer! Pure genius!

2. Different size containers with lids.

These were totally perfect for potato salad!

3. So much orange!

Not only was in genius but the orange was an automatic trigger for nostalgia.

4. The meat marinader!

This was the perfect container for dad to marinade the steaks in.

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