35 Things That Are Totally Nostalgia Triggers For 80s Kids


When you see what we have listed below, you are sure to remember them even if you can’t imagine them now. These things were a big part of your life at one time and yet, over time, they have slipped through the cracks of your memory. However, all it takes is one glance and you will be instantly transported to a time when these things were really important to you. Take a look:

1. Mousercise and Splashdance.

These had you moving and shaking!

2. F.H.E.

This logo popping up on your television.

3. New York Seltzer.

You loved this fancy stuff!

4. Koala Springs cola.

Any beverage in a bottle made you feel grown up.

5. Colorforms.

These had an intense aroma that you will always remember.

6. Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine.

Wondering if you could open up a business this summer with it.

7. Bunnicula.

Your first vampire experience.

8. Halloween face masks.

Trying to breathe with one of these things on was difficult.

9. McDonald’s Styrofoam containers.

All the food came in one of these.

10. Animalia.

The alphabet was getting interesting.

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