27 Normal Things Every ’80s Kid Did In School That Would Never Fly Today


16. Pocket knife.

Even though this served many functions, no kid is allowed to carry these today.

17. Walking to school.

This little girl looks too young to be escorted by her brother only.

18. Sitting on the floor.

Many people disapprove of this practice today.

19. Tetherball.

We don’t many of these around anymore.

20. Chalkboards.

Most kids don’t have to write on a chalkboard anymore.

21. Climbing trees.

If this is noticed on the playground today, he would be asked to get down.

22. Uniforms.

This has been determined to minimize our kids’ self-expression.

23. Lollipops.

Not only are these bad for sugar reasons but running with these in your mouth can be dangerous.

24. PE class.

Kids are not obligated to wear the same outfits or even participate anymore.

25. Real jewelry.

Wearing expensive or “real” jewelry is discouraged now.

26. Timeout.

Putting a kid in the corner is not tolerated anymore.

27. Chocolate milk.

No school serves this anymore because no kid would choose regular over chocolate.

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  1. Alina J Cooper on

    Probably best to turn the corrective text off before compiling a list like this. “peanut butter and jelly sand which”. LMFAO.

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