27 Normal Things Every ’80s Kid Did In School That Would Never Fly Today


What is acceptable in school today is different than what we could get away with back in the 80s. Over the years, schools have changed their policies and so this is a list that will remind you of how your school days used to be:

1. Valentine’s Day.

These were passed around to our friends only and some kids felt left out.

2. School Safety Patrol.

These days, real policemen are used to keep our kids safe.

3. Chalkboard, chalk, and eraser.

This has all been replaced by dry erase boards.

4. Cigarettes.

This is an absolute NO NO today!

5. Shop class.

This was a staple class for most boys but now it’s outdated.

6. Dodgeball.

I guess kids today can’t take a body shot without crying about it.

7. Cowboys and Indians.

These toys display our nation’s historical conflict.

8. Shooting guns.

The Right To Bear Arms was taken seriously. Nobody questioned how we taught children this fundamental right.

9. This crossing sign.

This sign has not been seen for many years.

10. Inside of a school bus.

Most of our buses have been upgraded since this.

11. Cupcakes.

Most schools now regulate the snacks that they serve.

12. Vending machines.

These were taken out of schools altogether.

13. Dressing like a pilgrim.

This is a reminder of our troubled past.

14. Peanut butter and jelly sand which.

We try to serve our children more nutritious foods.

15. Elmer’s Washable Blue Gel Glue.

We have other options today.

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  1. Alina J Cooper on

    Probably best to turn the corrective text off before compiling a list like this. “peanut butter and jelly sand which”. LMFAO.

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