19 Things Only 80s Girls Will Remember Wanting


Being a girl in the 80s was just as cool as being a boy because the toys that we received were the best! We were very excited to get any one of these listed below for Christmas or for a birthday. There’s a good chance that you didn’t have them ALL but you certainly WANTED them all. Take a look:

1. Care Bears.

These were an adorable group of teddy bears with different colors and personalities. We had to have them all!

2. Big Wheels.

These came in colors that we loved and it helped that your little brother didn’t want to ride your pink bike!

3. The Barbie dream house.

This was a top of the line toy for Barbie to lounge around in. Whoever had this toy also had all of their girlfriends over to play with it.


4. Barbie Corvette.

This was the next best thing! Barbie had no problem driving around in style.

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