17 Reasons Why Kids From The 80s Are Tougher Than Kids Today!


9. Bicycling.

Instead of meeting up online, we did this.

10. Second-hand smoke?

This was a direct result of our home lives.

11. Cooking on the stove.

We cooked all the time, even when we were home alone.

12. No seat belts to deal with.

Playing around in the car happened all the time.

13. Smoking while pregnant.

Chances are your mom smoked while you were in her womb.

14. Latchkey Kids

All kids took care of themselves after school.

15. Older kids would babysit their little brothers and sisters.

This kept parents from having to pay for daycare.

16. There was no such thing as play-dates.

Kids played whenever and where ever they wanted.

17. Teen smoking was cool.

All kids tried it and some of them took to it for a lifetime.

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