17 Reasons Why Kids From The 80s Are Tougher Than Kids Today!


Not many people regulated what we did in the 80s and so we were able to experience life in a whole different way. These days, many of these things are frowned upon and even banned in today’s society. The result is a bunch of kids who don’t have a chance to be as tough as we were back then.

1. Lawn darts.

These were the dangerous toys that we played with every day.

2. Playing with fireworks.

But it didn’t stop there, we even had fire to play with!

3. Getting a cast.

This was a badge of honor.

4. Playgrounds.

These were tough places with metal slides that were hot enough to cause blisters.

5. Riding in the back of pickup trucks.

It was legal to ride around like this and we did it all the time.

6. Riding in the front seats of cars.

Most of us learned to drive at an early age.

7. Playing outside without constant surveillance.

We usually just needed to be home before dark.

8. Sunburns.

These weren’t considered deadly, even as we were peeling off our skin.

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