16 Reasons ‘Married With Children’ Wouldn’t Survive on TV Today


Al Bundy would hate 2015.

When I was a kid, I would watch “Married with Children” until I reached a catatonic state. I was obsessed. But today – only 20 years later – it seems like characters like Al Bundy and Co. would be kicked off the air after making one of their many politically incorrect jokes. Would Al Bundy survive today’s scandal-obsessed world? Are you insane? Here are a few reasons he’d be booted faster than you can say “misogynist pig.”

1. Fat-shaming.

2. General misogyny.

3. Joking about suicide.

4. Promoting the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype.

5. Cultural insensitivity.

6. More fat-shaming.

7. Smoking on TV. (What about the children?)

8. Joking about killing your family.

9. Spousal abuse.

10. Hating on feminists.

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