13 Things That 80s Kids Did Outdoors That Kids Now Days Have No Idea About!


These days, going outside feels like a chore instead of a blast like it was back then. We didn’t have all of the distractions indoors like we do today (internet, cable etc.) and so we made up a lot of fun things to do. We were good at occupying our time and it feels like we had a great childhood because of it! Here is a list of things that we did outdoors.

1. Tadpoles.

We caught tadpoles in the neighborhood creek. They looked like little fish.

2. Rolling Down Hills.

This occupied much of our time and it was sometimes scary when we were going too fast!

3. Drinking From The Hose.

I doubt that kids today ever spend enough time outside to get thirsty. We did and so we drank from the hose instead of running inside for a glass of water.

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