11 Weird Cartoons That Seemed Totally Normal In The 80s


These cartoons were very popular in the 80s and so we never questioned their content. However, looking back now, we can see that they were some of the weirdest cartoons that ever existed! It’s a wonder how we grew up to be so sane after being saturated with these. Take a look and see if you can remember watching these weird cartoons.

1. Mister T.

This cartoon featured Mister T, his bulldog and a group of gymnastics kids who all came together to fight crime while wearing gold chains.

2. BraveStarr.

This galactic policeman had superhero powers and had to save the planet of New Texas. Very strange!

3. Heathcliff And The Catillac Cats.

These cats were super hip with mullets and legwarmers. Perfect for the 80s! Also, did I mention that they all lived in a dump?

4. It’s Punky Brewster.

This was a spin-off of the epic TV show because we just couldn’t get enough of it. They even used Punky Brewster’s voice for the main character. In the cartoon, she had a magical gerbil.

5. Rubik, the Amazing Cube.

Yes, now we even got to watch our favorite toys as cartoons. He came alive when you lined up his colors.

6. Kissyfur.

These two bears escaped their circus lives to move to the swamp and started a new water taxi business.

7. The Wuzzles.

These crazy critters lived on their own island and they were some sort of hybrids. Some had wings and another had a split personality.

8. The Smurfs.

This was a great show. Blue people living with just one old guy and one girl in the village. It’s like they never changed after that.

9. The World of David the Gnome.

This 399-year-old doctor had to fight off evil trolls. It was a strange one!

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

However weird this one seemed, it definitely stood the test of time. It’s still really popular today.

11. Care Bears.

In this world, you had to be happy, at ANY cost. The bears were upset at you if you weren’t.



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