11 Throwback Images You Won’t Want To Miss


When I was young, I wanted a pair of Adidas Rom sneakers. I made it my mission to acquire a pair by nagging my parents constantly until I wore them down and they gave in. It was a historic day for me and I still remember the feeling of wearing them for the first time. I felt 10 feet tall, in height and confidence and my friends gathered around to comment on them. I realized I could be the popular one in our friendship group, based purely on my footwear, and this became the case until one of the other kids got the new version and my popularity went down the drain! Here are a few choice images you’ll definitely want to see, to jolt your memory and put a smile on your face!

1. Miniature Helmets

My brother was completely obsessed with collecting these, all 28 of them. He and his friends used to meet up at our house and they would set out their displays and be discussing which team helmets they were getting next to their quarters. I remember one Christmas, he had a small, plastic Christmas tree in his bedroom and he hung the helmets on it as decorations! They stayed on that tree for 2 years solid!

2. Charlotte’s Webb

Probably the most memorable children’s book I ever read. My auntie took me to a lovely book shop in town and I couldn’t make up my mind which book to get. A young girl, who I vaguely knew from school, was in the shop with her mom and it was her who told me to get it. Funny how certain memories stick in your head. I read Charlotte’s Webb about 3 or 4 times over the years and it ‘got’ me every time.

3. Tupperware Coffee Pot

Fine bone china of the 50s and 60s gave way to chunk mugs and crockery and A LOT of Tupperware. This coffee pot, in particular, took pride of place in my grandmother’s kitchen for many a year. Even when it looked totally out of place (in the 90s) she was still using it “as there was nothing wrong with it so why throw it away”! My mom’s social diary was often full as she went out partying – to Tupperware parties, that is!

4. Cuckoo Clock

I don’t know how my grandparents could bear this, and the other two, they had in their house. On the hour, every hour, day and night, the clock made it presence known! I do, however, look upon it with fondness as it reminds me when I used to stay with them every Friday night. Grandpa always bought in my favorite candy and chocolate bars and I was allowed to stay up late!

5. Burger Chef

A treat indeed! The chain had two big Star War promotions in the 70s and you could get an awesome poster if you ordered a large Coke. I remember getting the Star Wars Fun Meal and trying to make up the puppet. My dad had to of it in the end and it took him ages! Burger Chef had the best tasting burgers in town and pretty mean fries, in my opinion!

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