11 Adult Beverages Only Delinquent ’90s Kids Will Remember


If you were as bad as I was growing up you probably remember some if not all of these drinks. They were partnered with a movie and a bunch of friends over willing to get wasted and have a good time. What drink was your favorite? Was it Aftershock or Alize? Or could it have been Icehouse?

If you were a really naughty kid and didn’t have the money to buy some of these you probably resorted to the more nastier tasting yet get you just as drunk drinks!

Take a look and let us know what you remember in the comments.


This was one that was always available to steal from the fridge. Hoping mom and dad didn’t notice a couple missing!

2. Bud Dry

Spending time with dad always resulting in trying to snag at least one of these.

3. Bud Ice

This was before the frogs became known.

4. After Shock

This was the drink before Fireball.

5. Flavored Jack Daniels

Do you remember asking someone in the parking lot to help you get a bottle of this?

6. Alize

This became popular after Tupac’s song “Thug Passion”.

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