10 Toys From The 80s That You Totally Forgot About


The 80s were great because it felt like there was a major increase in diverse toys that all hit the market during those years, giving us unlimited toy options. So much so that now, it’s hard to remember all of the different kinds that you had. However, you will most likely open the floodgates of your memory by taking a peek at any one of these pictures. It’s funny how many memories your mind is capable of coming up with then!

1. Sea Wees.

These were fun to play with in the water such as swimming pools and bathtubs.

2. Pillow People.

These were so comfortable and picking just one was so hard because you fell in love with every face on them!

3. Maxie Fashion Dolls.

Any doll was pretty much a hit for a while. Especially a fashion one.

4. Smooshees.

These were individually sold plush toys that each came with their own plastic item (a car, for example) that you could SMOOSH them into.

5. The Hugga Bunch.

These were a Hallmark greeting card come to life and they even had a TV movie made about them.

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