10 Real Life Struggles We Survived That Kids Today Won’t Understand


Kids today don’t know how lucky they have it. I’m sure every single generation has said that since the dawn of time, but it always feels true!

There were a lot of things that we remember doing that kids wouldn’t even understand, and maybe some that you forgot about now that everything is so much more convenient than it used to be. See if any of these remind you of your childhood!

You just didn’t really know your extended family that well because Facebook wasn’t around and you would only see them on special occasions

You had to carry quarters at all times in case you needed to call home

Or you had to call collect and either say your entire message in the three-second name spot or hope your parents accepted the charges

Picking your Top 8 in MySpace was a real issue

You had to use a real paper map or MapQuest and print out the results to get anywhere

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