10 Memories That Will Take You Back To Being A Kid!


Life in the 80s was fantastic! Yes, we didn’t have the technological advances that we have now, but things were just simpler back then. I’m sure the adults had the same grown up worries that I have now, but I was a kid growing up in a decade where things just seemed really amazing! These 10 pictures will transport you back to the 80s!


When they first became widely available they revolutionized the way we watched TV and movies. Video Rental shops became big business, and we could record our favorite programs to watch whenever we liked! I for one really miss trips to the video shop, which have now been replaced with reaching for my iPad!


You’ve probably still got a few of your old photo albums, and flicking through them brings back amazing memories. This is something our children and future generations just won’t experience in the same way. Hardly anybody prints their pictures anymore, they only exist on our devices and in the cloud!

3. 80S MUSIC

80s music often divides opinion, but for those of us that were there, we found our own connection with whatever music we listened to in the 80s. Whether it was Punk, New Romantic or Stock Aitken and Waterman, we were fanatical about our music.


You needed one of these to record the charts on a Sunday afternoon, music piracy isn’t a new thing! Of course, these were also essential for making those mixtapes!


From news to movie reviews, games and tv listings, this was our internet!

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